Quassel core is a server-side to the Quassel IRC client. This service allows you to access your IRC channels by attaching and detaching from your Quassel core service.

Install the quasselcore package:

pkg install quasselcore

Setup rc.conf:

quasselcore_args="--configdir=${quasselcore_data} --logfile=${quasselcore_log} --listen=${quasselcore_listen} --port=${quasselcore_port}"

Configure TLS:
I used Let's Encrypt to setup my keys. To do so, you will need to use the following for --install-cert:

cat /usr/jails/{{ jailname }}/var/db/quasselcore/tls.key /usr/jails/{{ jailname }}/var/db/quasselcore/tls.crt > /usr/jails/{{ jailname }}/var/db/quasselcore/quasselCert.pem && jexec {{ jailID }} service quasselcore restart

If you want to generate your own self-signed cert, use service quasselcore keygen and you'll be prompted to accept the cert when your initially connect with your Quassel client.

Finally, start the service:

servie quasselcore start